I don’t want to get into my love for Michelle Obama, or any of the Obamas, because I’ll just sound like an overzealous fan. President Obama is the first president in my lifetime who gives me goosebumps every time he speaks, and Michelle’s effect on me isn’t much different. I love the woman! I love the Obamas!

On top of her politics and overall sweetness and obvious sense of humor (did you see her on Jimmy Fallon?), the First Lady has a great sense of style. The woman has an eye for color, patterns and cuts that fit her figure perfectly. She’s also not afraid to occasionally take a fashion risk, and nine times out of 10 that risk is a complete success.

Since arriving in London for the Olympics, Michelle and her outfits have been closely watched, just as Kate Middleton and her fashion choices have also been a topic during the big games. When I came this photo above of Michelle this morning, I was immediately inspired to finally venture into the world of wearing multiple patterns at once. I know this has been a thing for awhile, but not everyone can pull it off as flawlessly as Michelle. Between her A-line gingham skirt, printed top and polka dot cardigan, the First Lady is all over the place with her patterns and it looks fantastic in this photo where she’s cheering on Serena Williams.

So thank you, Michelle, for inspiring in me the desire to venture into a world of great complexity of more than one pattern at a time. Granted, I don’t own many patterns, but after seeing this photo I’m going to hit up the J.Crew later today and see what I can scrounge up so I can make this happen.

Mixing patterns: love it or hate it?


Photo: Twitter