When I was down at SXSW last week, I was mostly too busy seeing music and chewing on strange new leaves to really pay much attention to people’s outfits. And yet, everywhere I went, I couldn’t help noticing that every other girl seemed to be wearing some permutation of this:

If you can’t see from the picture, the girl on the left is wearing some cheek-skimming hot pants underneath a sheer mullet skirt that’s pure party in front, and pure business in back (if such a garment is ever appropriate for business).

Other girls I saw in this outfit wore leotards or bodysuits underneath, or sometimes just straight up underwear. Underwear that everyone could see.

I don’t want to get all fashion police-y here, but if you wouldn’t wear something on its own, how does draping a see-through piece of fabric over it make it any less see-able? Seems to me like this is a cowardly way to walk around with your buns out.

Personally, I do not need an excuse to walk around with my buns out. Some of my rompers are basically leotards, and I walk around all summer long with no pants on, because I think I’m Lady Gaga.

And yet…as the days went on, something about this outfit grew on me. Some girls looked really good in it! Was I only tricked into liking it because they were good-looking people, or is the hot pants/sheer mullet skirt combo truly a good idea?

I’m not sure, but I’m willing to bet I’ll have a lot more examples to show you in the coming months. It’s only a matter of time before this shit filters down to Urban Outfitters, and before you know it, your mom will be wearing one, too. You’ve been warned.