wtf plus size

Why for the love of all that’s holy do designers continue to make only the most heinous of options for plus sized women? What would be the harm in, oh I don’t know, giving plus sized women the same clothing options as straight-sized women? Oh no! We couldn’t possibly treat all women with the same respect regardless of their size. We all know that a woman’s worth is only defined by her beauty, and beauty is of course only based on size. The Huffington Post pointed us in the direction of WTF Plus Size Clothing Manufacturers? and it’s both hilarious and upsetting. We’ve written about just how unacceptably ugly plus size clothing is recently, and this tumblr shows us some concrete examples. We need more people to call out manufacturers for the way they treat anything other their straight-sized customers.

Roxy, the blogger behind the site, has been doing just that. The site is filled with example after example of the sartorial injustices being wreaked by plus-size manufacturers, retailers and designers.

In addition to posting the ugliest plus size clothing she can find (and it’s unfortunately not hard to find horrifying plus size clothing), Roxy also has great commentary and insight into culture and plus-size visibility, as well as shopping suggestions and reviews of actual attractive options.

I don’t want to believe it, but it looks like manufacturers truly just don’t want plus sized women in their clothing, considering the heinous options they provide. Here’s the 10 ugliest pieces highlighted on WTF Plus Size Clothing Manufacturers?.