Remember how yesterday we talked about how The Aisle NY was maybe, probably sort of a scam?

We got a letter from them!

We came across your recent blog post on Twitter and we just wanted to clarify a few things for you and your readers. We would first like to say thank you for pointing out the pricing typo on the Amanda Pearl Clara Purse. The original retail of that item is actually $198.

Unfortunately, we did not catch that mixup before the site went live, and for that, we sincerely apologize. The prices have now been corrected on the site.

We couldn’t help but laugh along with your post, because we agree with you about all of the annoyances and egregious costs that go along with preparing for your wedding. One of the founders of The Aisle New York actually came up with the idea based on how expensive gowns and accessories can be, and because of how limited the selection of quality bridal merchandise was online. We do our very best to bring quality items at fabulous prices to our members, and we would never purposely mark up the retail price of an item in order to mislead.

To address the Loeffler Randall boutique, we actually carry a special selection of full price merchandise in addition to our weekly flash sales. Isaac Mizrahi, Judith Leiber, Oscar de la Renta, and Nina Bridal are a few of the designers from which we carry full price, current season merchandise. Many of these items are also available only on our website. In the case of Loeffler Randall, we were the first retailer to feature this bridal collection and take pre-orders on it, even before it was available on the proprietary Loeffler Randall website. Great value comes in many different forms, and discounted pricing is just one of several ways we try to bring value to our customers.

We are so sorry if we have confused you or your readers in any way, and we would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to make it up to all of you. At your discretion, please feel free to let The Gloss team and its readers know that we will be extending an additional 10% off any purchase when they enter “TheGloss10” at checkout.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and please let us know if you have any further questions.

Look, did we learn lessons from this?

Probably. Lessons like Prada is having sex with your mother. You hear that Prada? You hear how I called you out on your shennagins there? You too, Hermes, don’t think I don’t see you.

In the future, let’s all call people out more and get rewarded more. Squeaky wheels get the 10% discount, maybe? Hurrah! Yay, squeaks!