Olsen Twins CFDA Awards

Last night, fashion designers got their own little awards ceremony, as opposed to just co-opting the awards ceremonies of actors and musicians with the constant red carpet, “Who are you wearing” talk.

The big news of course, was that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen beat out Marc Jacobs and Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler for Womenswear Designer of the Year. I guess being twins really does make you magical.

Normally, now would be the time that Ashley would make smart and thoughtful observations about the red carpet choices for what should be the most sartorially interesting awards show. Or she would laugh at all of them and I would get to feel superior by regurgitating her opinions.

Unfortunately, you all are stuck with me today. And I’m not nearly as adept at fashion critique as the amazing Ms. Cardiff. So you’re going to have to struggle along while I made crude, “Haha, her boobs have extensions” jokes. Seriously though, one person does look like they’ve been rubbing their nipples with Rogaine.

So let’s go on this Red Carpet journey together, shall we? By the way, I’m in no way qualified to rank best and worst, so I’m expecting you to do it for me in the comments.


(Photos: Styleite)