The much-discussed Stella McCartney “thin dress” that Kate Winslet wore two different versions of last year is back.  Both Phillip Lim and Victoria Beckham took the idea and ran with it in their winter/fall 2012 shows this fashion week. That means it is officially A Thing.

Here is Lim’s take on the form:

And here is Beckham’s:

Personally, I think the dress works better on someone curvy like Kate Winslet, since it makes the already tiny runway models appear disconcertingly thin. However, I like that Lim and Beckham did away with the strange boob panels, as they created a “sexy Storm Trooper” vibe that I don’t think McCartney meant to evoke. In any case, it makes sense that this type of design is gaining in popularity, since everyone wants to look thinner than they really are, etc. As a curvy lady, I’m kind of on the fence about it, as my desire to conform to the beauty myth by looking thin is constantly battling with my desire to say “fuck you” to society and assert that I don’t need optical illusions or Spanx to look hot. It also reminds me of this in a pretty major way, which makes it difficult to take it seriously as a design concept. What do you think?

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