Ah, college. So many memories of studying for finals while people drunkenly cavorted in the hallways and on the quad. If only I had known there was a way to block out all that noise! A student in Scotland has developed a helmet that helps drown out unecessary background noise in addition to aiding one-on-one conversation:

The social sphere has been created by Elaine McLuskey and was conceived when she was studying hearing impairments.

Her solution was to create a double-headed helmet, where two people could wear and interact, without the fear that background chatter would get in the way.

What does the creation look like? Kind of like a cross between the Cone of Silence from Get Smart and an upside-down goldfish bowl. But, hey, no one said you needed to be sexy while studying for exams. Plus, if you hold onto it until Halloween you can pair it with your silver lame jumper and go as an astronaut.