We can’t all be born with natural beauty or a perfect symmetrical face like Christy Turlington, and sadly that’s just some shit with which we need to deal. It’s also not just in humans that natural looks and style are a rare breed.

Behold the calico lobster! How snazzy is this guy? If only they had mirrors in ocean like Ariel did in The Little Mermaid would Mr. Calico here be privy to just how striking he is. With his bright orange and yellow spots, Sir Calico was caught off the coast of Maine (of course he’s a New Englander!), and instead of being gobbled up as if he were a regular old lobster, he was whisked off for extra special treatment. Now Sir Calico has himself a fancy tank of his own at the New England Aquarium for the Biomes Marine Biology Center in Rhode Island to insure that he does not end up on anyone’s plate ever and his beauty can continue to dazzle the world.

Blue lobsters may think they’re so special because they’re a one in a million find, but Sir Calico puts them to shame by being a on in 30 million find. It’s lonely at the top, Sir Calico, isn’t it? However, sometimes you just need to deal with loneliness if you’re to be that special, as I’m sure any other rare beauty will tell you.