Sit down, readers…let me tell you a little story.

When I was in high school, I had a good friend — let’s call her D. — who went to boarding school, and one vacation, she came home wearing a tiara. It was a plastic tiara, and purple, with a big diamond in the front.

You know, like a princess.

The first time I saw her that vacation, after not having seen her for several months, she had on the tiara. The next time I saw her, she still had it on. She didn’t say much about it, except to acknowledge that she was, indeed, wearing a tiara.

We soon realized, my other friends and I, that the tiara was not coming off. D. wore it everywhere. To the store, hanging out at her house, picking up drive-thru. It was at once completely misguided, and absolutely perfect.

Misguided, of course, because it’s not your average accessory. But perfect because, why not? Why not wear one item of clothing that simply makes you smile? Why does every accessory have to be so serious?

I’m not advocating for going out and rocking a rhinestone headpiece, say, on a first date, or even to the office. But the next time you’re home cooking, or drinking wine with friends, you bust out that tiara and I challenge you to tell me that your night didn’t just get a little more awesome.