The Children's Place Sexist Shirts

You know how there’s entirely too many messages out there telling young girls that math and science are for boys? Well, The Children’s Place is apparently on that train now, too. Multiple shirts being sold are obnoxiously geared toward that line of thinking, as Laura Beck pointed out this morning.

It’s frustrating to see girls be marketed primarily shirts encouraging them to be diamond-wearing princesses (almost exclusively pink and purple, no less), as though that is a more realistic goal than, say, passing AP calculus someday. Little girls’ favorite things: puppies and BFFs and cupcakes. Little boys’ favorite things: being a hero and having lifeguard status and protecting people and winning at quite a few sports. We presume that the girls would have done all these things, but they’re obviously too busy shopping for diamond-encrusted poodles.

I’ll admit, I was terrible at math. Terrible. Despite my teachers’ best efforts, I was awful when it came to numbers — but that had nothing to do with my gender. While I barely achieved Cs and Bs in math classes, I also took loads of extra writing classes, went to science (and math, actually) camp, tutored ESL students, took lots of language courses and loved history. In other words, there are tons of subjects people can be good at; they aren’t limited to math and the non-subject of f’ing shopping. And that was just me — countless girls I knew were incredible at all of those things and managed to reach calculus at ridiculously young ages. Plus, even if you feel bad at mathematics, there are still plenty of ways to improve by involving it in your life, as explained by Jen Dziura in Bullish.

Women have enough going against them as it is when it comes to pursuing careers in the technology and engineering fields; do we really need everything down to their t-shirts to tell them otherwise?

[H/T Jezebel; Photos via The Children’s Place]