In the midst of all the controversies surrounding Tiger Woods, which I might add he brought upon himself, Vanity Fair went ahead and released their February 2010 issue with Tiger on the cover.


The shot (among other ones) was taken by famous and brilliant photographer Annie Leibovitz. She has an interesting comment on the shirtless picture of Tiger Woods.

“Tiger is an intensely competitive athlete—and quite serious about his sport. I wanted to reveal that in these photos. And to show his incredible focus and dedication.” (SOURCE)

Interestingly enough, I don’t see an “intense competitive athlete” in the portrait. I see sadness. This picture inadvertently showed something else about Tiger Woods. Perhaps my opinion has been influenced by what has happened or had been happening in Tiger’s life as reported ad nauseam by the media. Annie might had seen that intensity when she took the pictures for Vanity Fair but so many things have been revealed after the photo shoot that the “focus and dedication” have been replaced with something else. I don’t think VF expected this kind of “publicity” but hey, there it goes. In a way they were actually sitting on a goldmine with that picture and other ones that are included in February 2010 issue. It’s hard for me to explain it but I think you get my gist. Well I hope so, heh.

Check out Vanity Fair’s feature “Tiger On The Rough” if you’re not tired reading about Tiger of course.

(Image: INF)