A little while back, I had a minor freakout when Carine Roitfeld cast a then-(mostly) unknown Dutch model named Saskia de Brauw to be the face of her final cover at Vogue Paris. I freaked out mostly because Saskia is 1) awesome looking and 2) 29, which is (unfortunately) straight up old for a model to breakthrough. It’s a striking, strange, slightly unnerving cover (the polar opposite of Emmanuelle Alt’s inaugural cover featuring Gisele Bundchen) and here’s the accompanying editorial, which also features whitehot new-ish comer Daphne Groeneveld, who was, alas, at the more common age of 15 when she appeared on the cover of her first French Vogue. The shoot–lensed by Mert & Marcus, styled by Carine–has a seedy, off-putting, voyeuristic feel to it, as if the images were nothing more than stills from security camera footage. What do you think? Was this a strong way to go out?

Also, it’s Vogue Paris, so there’s some nip. If your workplace is not down with mostly-unsexy Fashion Nudity, you may want want to stop at slide 12.

(All photos taken from Fashion Copious)