I want this pair of Affliction Cross Boots for my husband. Hmm, actually, he wants it too. Unlike the Affliction Leather Jacket that has a price tag of $700 caused him much pain, this cross boots might be feasible. It’s only $195. I mean, that could be a price for a nice pair of Doc Marten’s. which he refuses to buy these days coz they’re now made in China instead of Italy. No offense to China but Italy-made Doc Marten’s are apparently have more quality and I’m sure Vintage touch. Anyhooo, I guess hubs will just have to pick between this or a new electric guitar. Interesting, coz he was just telling me about a red shiny guitar from a new guitar place in town that he thing I’d like also. Like literally, just 20 minutes ago. I guess we shall see :) .

Here are the details of this pair of Affliction Cross Boot :

Custom Textured 100% Leather, 8″ Tall, 1.25″ Heel, Custom Skulls Heavy Rubber Sole, Custom Inset Metal Fleur In Heel, Heat Stamped Logo On Sole, Fleur Heel Rivet, Woven Logo Patches On Side, X-Stitch Heel Detailing, Raw Edge Canvas Detailing, Custom Logo Lace Eyelets, Woven Logo Path On Tongue, Logo Screen On Inside Sole, Metal Logo Tag On Side Sole, Contrast Stitch Detailing

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