Emma Stone The Croods premiere

We don’t know what The Croods is, but it sure is out (in New York City anyway). Last night’s Manhattan premiere brought Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and an adorable giant sloth. Here’s the star-speckled red carpet.

Emma Stone The Croods premiere

First up, Emma Stone (who voices a character in the film). We normally like Stone quite a lot (and we normally think the tee as unexpected formalwear looks fresh and modern), but this jumble of half-ideas makes no sense to us.


Emma Stone The Croods premiereThere’s a Fashion Obi. And any other shoe would have been an improvement.

Blake Lively The CroodsNext up, Blake Lively in a micro-min–who’s surprised? Lively stopped by to support husband Ryan Reynolds.

We kind of like the weird plastic breastplate and the cranberry shade is just an awesome color on her… but white pumps really only seem like a good idea on one’s wedding day.

Blake Lively The CroodsShe topped the look off with a trench coat.

Catherine Keener The CroodsThe awesome Catherine Keener (who also voices a character) wore zebra print tights.

Ryan ReynoldsReynolds reminded all women, everywhere that men have it a lot easier on red carpets.

Ryan Reynolds The CroodsHe even got to hang out with this extremely on-trend sloth.

Nicola Cage

Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage



(All photos via Wenn)