Remember Christian Siriano, from Project Runway season four? Remember how he always said “fierce,” and he made the word seem so much cooler than Tyra ever did (sorry Tyra)?

Well, I have some bad news. According to Siriano’s boyfriend, the word has all but never escaped our favorite designer’s lips since the year 2008. This sad fact was revealed when Brad Walsh, Siriano’s partner of nearly four years, took to his blog recently in an attempt to let the media know that it’s time to take his manpiece seriously as a designer, not just a TV personality (because short of your mom calling the New York Times, nothing says “take me seriously” like your partner ranting on their blog). He writes:

Last season British Vogue said Christian put on “an incredibly strong showing from a young designer who shows a lot of promise, regardless of where he initially found fame.” It’s high praise and, I think, well-deserved. But you won’t find that type of optimism in some of its American counterparts.

Is it a bias against coming to light through the medium of television? Or against guest-designing, for example, Payless shoes that many can afford? Or does his accessibility irk some who operate only in worlds of purposeful exclusivity? Or is it mostly, as I suspect, that he’s accomplished all of this without their help? The precious few were told Christian was good – they did not deem him good – which makes their objection to him almost childish: They are the boss of us. They tell us what is good.

It’s an interesting point, and an interesting question: in a time when so many fashion “stars” are getting their big break on television, will they be taken seriously enough to go on to do the big, great things that they no doubt envision for themselves? Or have they dug their own grave just as they’ve made their name?

As far as the word fierce, though, speaking of digging graves, Brad has this to say:

I haven’t heard Christian say that word since 2008. His “quest to be taken seriously continues,” as the writer puts it, because reporters like her continue to print things like this.

Impersonating Christian on Saturday Night Live in 2008, Amy Poehler said the word “fierce” more times in a four-minute sketch than Christian did throughout the entire season of Project Runway, and so the caricature was cemented and people recall a much more flamboyant and ridiculous Christian than exists in reality today.

WHAT. Are you joking with me? Fierce rivals “make it work” as one of the best things to come out of “Project Runway.” I hope that this isn’t a final death sentence. We love you and your optimistic utterances, Siriano. Never change.