Remember the time when you had to actually take clothes with you in the dressing room, get undressed, try on a billion pairs of jeans until you found one that fit only sort of okay and then have to get re-dressed? Yes? Because it was yesterday. But today is different. Today is the future. Today we get to go into a “fitting room” and virtually try on the clothes in the store. But only at Macy’s.

At the Macy’s Herald Square store in New York, they have Magic Fitting Rooms. Literally. That’s what they’re called. Customers can go up to a 72-inch magical mirror, select the items they want to try on from the iPad that it’s connected to and then instantly watch the clothes they select be transposed over their reflection in the mirror. If they need a second opinion, the shopper can sign onto Facebook and send their picture to a friend. Sounds really cool. It would be even cooler if the magical mirror could actually show you how the clothes fit on you.

The Magic Fitting Rooms are a sign of the future. A future of a whole lot of returning. Mirrors are never right anyways. My mirror always tells me I don’t have enough blush on. So sometimes I end up putting on too much and I look like a freak who has on too much make-up. Thanks a lot, mirror. These mirrors at Macy’s just virtually show you how a dress or jeans could look on you. Or rather, your silhouette. It would be a whole lot more efficient if the Magic Fitting Rooms also had robots who dressed you. Here’s how it would work:

Step One: select the item you wish to try on via iPad.

Step Two: Magic Mirror shows you a representation of how it could look on you. If you like it, move to Step Three. If you don’t, go back to Step One.

Step Three: Ask robot to fetch you the item.

Step Four: Robot dresses you.

Step Five: Take picture with robot in Magic Mirror with thumbs up because this is the coolest experience ever.

So let’s review. Having Magic Fitting Rooms at Macy’s is a really cool idea in theory. In practice, the old fashion way of trying on clothes is a lot more successful for shoppers. Oh and the Magic Fitting Rooms are only available until Nov. 1, so the future only lasts for another few weeks.