I admit it: National Geographic is not normally my first thought when I’m holiday shopping.



But…if you want to find truly original pieces – including jewelry! – from all over the world, it’s a fabulous place to take a peek.

Right now, they are having their winter sale, where you save up to 75% on all kinds of fun stuff, from Egyptian glass ornaments to Indian rubies and so much more.

I love this Indian Ruby necklace!

Here’s a fascinating story behind pieces like this: Many Hindu brides wear rubies as part of their wedding ensemble, and the 16th-century Princess Jodhabai was no exception. Her groom, the Emperor Akbar, presented her with a more extravagant version of this floral necklace, known as the Rajmala. This petite charm is the result of a collaboration between gemcutters in Jaipur and Bengali silversmiths called “Babus.”

How amazing to have something like this around your neck…and for $39.95??? I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner.