I saw this cardigan over a pinstriped shirt and dark jeans look  while perusing my husband’s April issue of Men’s Health. I thought it was defintely stylin’ until my eye caught the little corner where it showed how much the cashmere cardigan is from Generra. It’s cashmere so it only make sense that it’s $350. You add $60 for the pinstriped shirt from Express and $65 for the slim jeans from Levi’s then you have a $475 outfit. Whewwww.

Lucky for you, I’m here to show you the affordable way to get this look :)


This is still a cashmere cardigan so if you prefer to wear cashmere you can still do so with this $149.50 from Land’s End.

I found a version of the stripes button-up shirt from GAP for only $39.50.


And this dark-wash boot cut leg jeans from OLD NAVY for only $29.50.

Shoes? Wear any of your canvas pair, like the Chuck Taylor’s. As long as it’s not orange or yellow :) . So which version would you wear, the $475 one or the affordable pieces I picked? Either way, I’m sure you’d look just as great as the model ;) .