Lindsay Beyerstein is a reporter by trade, a blogger by choice and a lenswoman for fun and profit — but one thing she’s not is a clotheshorse. So when the word came down from the Great White North that her partner, Darcy Argue, was nominated for a Juno award for his recent album with Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society, she was a little worried. Not only would she and Darcy be sharing the red carpet with everyone from Taylor Swift to Michael Bublé, but she had nothing to wear and, given the costs of getting to Newfoundland, not a lot of money to spend.

Enter my neighbor, Tom Kleinert, who costumes and styles shows for his partner at, among other places, the Secret Theatre in Long Island City. And while Tom says that theatre is his hobby, his friends know that’s just a cover for his true addiction: thrift store shopping!

Tom showed Lindsay some tricks and tips for getting the look she wanted for less, with the help of Unique Boutique, Axe Brasil Boutique and several other retailers and thrift stores on Steinway Street in Astoria. Total cost for Lindsay’s outfit: $25 (she borrowed my shoes and shawl). Then, when the cameras were off, Tom took Darcy on the same tour, and got him pants, a suit coat, shoes, a tuxedo shirt, an Ascot tie and cufflinks — for $85. Brooklyn, beware: your picked-over thrift store racks have some competition at the other end of the G train!

[vimeo video=11047555]

Lindsay Beyerstein gets the look for less for the Juno red carpet from Megan Carpentier on Vimeo.