Jewelry designer Pamela Love took from her beloved Manhattan surroundings for inspiration for her new collection and created an art deco explosion of fun.

During her presentation at Milk Studios yesterday, she explained: “While I was working on the collection, I started to notice all those Art Deco ornaments on the top of old skyscrapers and elevator doors again.”

The geometric shapes that the rest of us ignore on a daily basis have now been given new life in Love’s necklaces, chokers and cuffs thanks to her favorite period in history, the Art Deco movement. Her jewelry captures the intensity of the industrial era when anything was possible.

The Brooklyn-based designer doesn’t mass produce her work so as to keep the pieces original and unique, but each is a glimpse into the past when iron and steel ruled the world far before plastics came along and swept us all into its clutches. You can see bits and pieces of the gorgeous Manhattan skyline with every piece in her new collection, and frankly, despite the sometimes harshness of the city, her take on it is very moving and distinct.