I was minding my own business, browsing the Tahari private sale event, and then the cutest suit I’ve ever seen came across the window in front of me.



I tried to avert my eyes. And then I realized…I don’t currently OWN a suit, and that’s probably one of those things adult women are supposed to have. (You know, after a LBD and a strand of pearls.)

And if I am going to get a suit – which is really important during this era, too, of, well, suit-wearing, wouldn’t I want to get one that is normally $498, but for the duration of the sale $119.

Obviously. That’s just, like, smart recessionista thinking.

So, I have rationalized my way into a 3-button teal and black wool skirt suit…but look at the collar! Isn’t it totally cute?

Le sigh.