Lapo Elkann is so stylin'.

Lapo Elkann is so stylin’.

If you don’t know who the most stylish man in the world is then, well, your life is missing something. It’s missing more than just the answer in a round of Trivial Pursuit or, should it ever happen, that brief moment in your life when you get the chance to impress Anna Wintour with your knowledge of fashion. It’s about a life that lacks color! A life that lacks Lapo Elkann! Do you know what a life that lacks Lapo looks like? This:

Dreary, no?

Dreary, no?

Do you want a life that looks like this? No. Or maybe you do, but that’s your cross to bear.

Elkann, despite being born into the Agnelli family (Fiat, anyone?), and having held rolls that span from being the personal assistant to Henry Kissinger and the marketing associate for Ferrari and Maserati, he’s mostly known for his international playboy ways and, of course, his style. He’s found himself on numerous “best dressed” lists for his original and sometimes over-the-top sense of fashion. Vanity Fair included him in their Best Dressed Hall of Fame in 2009 and the year before had him on the International Best Dressed List. It’s not an easy feat to find yourself in fashion halls of fame, but for Elkann, it’s a piece of cake.

Since the man is clearly revered in the art of fashion, WWD reports that he has written a book on the matter: Le Regole Del Mio Stile (The Rules of My Style.) It’s 192 pages of Elkann at his best with not only his advice on how you, too, can be as stylish as he, but the exact “vision” it entails to pull off the looks that he does so flawlessly. iPhone owners will also have access to “additional and interactive content available through the App Ar-Code mobile platform based on Augmented Reality.” Thank god! Because a life without Lapo in your pocket is even drearier than a life without him period.

Although the book, due out on Sunday, is currently only available in Italian, an English version is in negotiations. What this means is that hopefully, by this time next year, American men will have learned a thing or two from Lapo, and passé goatees, baggy jeans and sweatshirts will be a thing of the past. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Oh please, oh please, Lapo, help them.


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