shorts new york times

Remember last summer, when the New York Times discovered that sometimes, in the summer, women wear dresses? Dude. They have some new news. New news that you were almost certainly already aware of. Sometimes, in the summer, while women are wearing dresses, men wear shorts. Men do this even though the 5th rule of being a gentleman is “don’t wear shorts” (this was an arbitrary rule made up by a magazine, but I’ve decided it’s chiseled in stone). When something is obvious, The New York Times is on it! Unless it possibly contains the word “fuck!”

The New York Times reports:

“What’s happening right now is there are a lot of designers saying, ‘Wait a minute, shorts can be as dressy as a pair of trousers, if they’re tailored right and the details are right,” said Tyler Thoreson, the editorial director of Park & Bond, the retail Web site.

Also! Also, this:

“I’ve definitely noticed more men on both sides of the Atlantic wearing shorts in cities,” said Frank Muytjens, the chief men’s-wear designer for J. Crew. “Shorts have a dressier element. Guys are more conscious than ever about the fit, fabric and design, and are wearing shorts with a dress shirt, a suit jacket and with a great pair of brogues or a desert boot.”

So, basically, shorts look better when they’re not absolutely hideous, and are paired with a low loafer (or, I suppose, two fetching Irish accents). And men wear them in the summer when it is hot out. Huh. Good talk, you guys.

New topic: do you think they keep all The New York Times writers locked in a room and only let them out to see what is going on in the world on one very special day at the beginning of August? I’m not saying that’s true, I’m just saying we shouldn’t rule out the possibility. What do you think that room is like? Paint a word picture.

Pic via Craig Arend for The New York Times