You knew this was coming. Clothing company Vineyard Vines (of rich person vacation island Martha’s Vineyard) makes fun of Occupy Wall Street very directly with a new t-shirt meant to be worn by rich assholes. (No, not all rich people are assholes, but the ones who’d wear this shirt certainly are.) The shirt says “occupy” under its preppy pink whale logo and depicts someone lying in a tent on the beach alongside signs like “more ice for the cooler!” and “more cheeseburgers!” Looks like some folks are mighty confident they’re never going to be skinned and worn as pelts by revolutionaries.

Whatever you think of the OWS movement, you have to admit that the issues they’re addressing are very real and serious: poverty, lack of jobs, lack of access to healthcare, and a lack of proper safeguards against investment banks screwing up the economy, to name a few. People are actually dying because of some of these things. To make light of this on a t-shirt meant to be worn by members of the monied classes seems like rubbing it in unnecessarily. A “let them eat cake” moment, if you will.

Then again, at least these t-shirts aren’t hypocritical like Jay-Z‘s were. You can’t accuse them of sitting on the fence over whose side of this fight they’re on. Which is something, I guess?

(Via Styleite)