In honor (or as they write in England, “honour”) of the Queen of England‘s birthday, the lady of London will be handing out Order of the British Empire awards to several lucky and most exceptional of the British people. This year there are two fashion designers who will be receiving the award for not only their British blood, but for their craft.

Alexander McQueen’s creative director Sarah Burton is scheduled to receive her award thanks to her participation in the Duchess of Cambridge‘s wedding dress. Not only was she the chief designer of the dress we all became quickly obsessed with, but she guarded the secret perfectly up until the very last second that Kate took to the aisle.

Also on the list is Mulberry’s creative director Emma Hill who has a penchant for naming bags after people who inspire her — most recently Lana Del Rey. She is to receive the Commander of the British Empire award, as will actress Kate Winslet. But getting back to fashion, a blogger for British Vogue by the name of Lara Bohnic will be getting a Member of the British Empire award. We have the Oscars and the CFDA awards, while Britain hands out stuff that has more of a Star Wars sounding appeal. Where’s the justice in this?

I propose we start changing our award titles into such dramatic and powerful sounding ones as well. If we changed Oscar’s name to Han Solo, I’m quite sure people would want them even more.