Via Twitter we find out that Rachel Zoe and company are back for season 3. Will the show has the same gusto as the previous gang? We’ll have to wait and see. Remember after months of hemming and hawing, Taylor decided she was out. I doubt the show will cover Taylor’s departure, and both she and Rachel have remained mum on why it happened and who did the quitting (or firing).

NUP_134259_0245Bravo Photo: Evans Ward

At any rate, the show will be back with more glamour and perhaps less drama than season 2, but is that a bad thing? There was a fun feel to season 1 and season 2 just felt like a big bore in comparison. Brad is still around, and so is Rodger, so I hope the new season will keep us entertained. If you’re over it, you can always catch The Robert Verdi Show on Logo, which debuts in February.

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