Robert Verdi is flamboyant, fun and over-the-top in the best sense of the word. I have always enjoyed watching him host the E! red carpet shows, and occasionally making an appearance on E! Fashion Police. Now the man is going to have his own show on Logo. The preview is hilarious, and I can’t wait to see his #1 client (that I know of, anyway), Eva Longoria.


Photo: Zuma Image

I think the two of them together is going to be a hoot. Robert also has a gaggle of minions (who knew?) and goes through the process of trying to become a brand and ultimately make the big bucks (though I’m sure he’s doing just fine). The show starts in February on Logo. Between this and Bravo’s Kell on Earth, which follows fashion PR powerhouse Kelly Cutrone and her staff, it looks like we’re going to be on fashion overload just in time for spring!

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