The Ryan Gosling “Hey girl” meme has yet to get old. There is no end to Ryan’s charm, looks and as long as women are smitten with the darling, there will be no end in sight. “Hey girl” can be put in front of anything and it’s going to sweeten the pot: “Hey girl, wanna go rummaging in a rat-infested dumpster and see what exciting things we can find?” Even if it’s for the briefest of seconds, you almost consider it.

But how do we feel about this one?

I stumbled across this when reading Learnvest this morning, in which they “respectfully disagree” with this particular sentiment. Not to knock the art and skill behind budgeting, nor the necessity that comes with it in order to save and be responsible and all that jazz, but aren’t memes supposed to be ridiculous? Whether it be dumpster diving or Christian Louboutin shoes, can’t we just love them all equally?

I think Ryan wants us to be grown-up when it comes to how we spend our money just as much as he wants us to be happy with a pair of Christian Louboutins. Ryan only wants the best for everyone; that’s why we love him.

Ryan aside, shoes or budget? Which one are you going to put first?


Photo: BijouBride