"Oh hello... I didn't see you there."

The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman was recently quoted bragging about how much his blog is better than Tavi’s blog and how he’s rolling in it and everyone else is lame, etc. You know, grown-up stuff. People subsequently called him out because this was absurd. Schuman now says that interview (which he gave to The Talks) was conducted over a year ago and his opinions have changed. Maybe he’s just covering for himself because the interview makes him look like a complete tool.

In any case, he says he actually doesn’t have any ill will for Tavi. He explained away his stupid remarks to the Business of Fashion:

“I’ve kind of changed my mind [about that]. With everybody, our relationships have really evolved. As I got to know Bryanboy and Tavi more, I’ve come to respect their seriousness of it. It’s a struggle to try and build [something] and still maintain who you are.”

The only thing sillier than a grown ass man admitting that maybe his blog isn’t the world’s best blog is someone suggesting that Bryanboy is serious.

(via Styleite)