It’s 82 degrees in New York right now but it’s humid, so it feels like a lot worse (two showers a day worse). Which is why I was floored this morning, as I was riding the elevator up to the office, to be standing beside a teenage girl wearing shearling moccasins. This blew my mind. Moreover, after the elevator doors closed, I was enveloped in such a rank smell that I didn’t need coffee to fully awaken (so, I guess, that’s a wash). Which brings me to why Soludos espadrilles are awesome: they are cool, they are comfortable and they won’t trap your feet in a sweat and body odor prison. They are a loyal friend on hot, sweaty days. Oh, and they are $28.

Lastly, a public service suggestion: if you insist on wearing shearling moccasins in the summer (or black tights, or knit caps) be considerate and only spend time in well ventilated areas.

Soludos ‘Barca’ espadrille, $28, Soludos