Well it’s official. The Sex and the City prequel that everyone has been waiting for is about to come to fruition. Great.

There had been talk about doing a show or a movie that would be based on Candace Bushnell‘s book series The Carrie Diaries and would take place in the 1980’s, but nothing had been set in stone until now.

How old was Carrie in the mid-80’s? Well according to the description of Carrie in her younger years she’s a “quirky, charming, witty 16 year old,” who surprisingly has “a complete lack of knowledge about love, sex and relationships.” On top of this dilemma, our young Carrie will also be dealing with the recent loss of her mother which should make for some emotional roller coaster rides.

Although there is no set date as to when this show will premiere, casting is currently underway and is slated to be on the CW. You know, the CW where swearing and sex scenes will be a minimum just in case our young Carrie does get lucky.

So who should play our young ladies, (and of course, Big although it’s doubtful he’ll be in the show)? Here are our picks. Yes, we’ve conveniently left out Aiden. We’ll let you fill in the blank on that one.