The kid's blanket is there for both dramatic and artistic effect, and not that we didn't notice it until after the fact.

I love mini-skirts. I think it has a lot to do with having short legs, so when I toss on some heels and opt for a skirt on the shorter side, it actually makes me appear like I have legs as opposed to stubs on which I try to walk around town. No one likes a stub gal.

As far as shortness goes, I’ve always gone by the rule that, unless I turn into a rockstar or something equally extravagant where I can don whatever I want for length, as long as it’s not shorter than where my middle finger reaches on my leg when my arms are down by my side, I’m OK. This morning, however, my sister told me that this dress was a shirt.

“It is not a shirt,” I argued. “I can bring it up online and you’ll see that it’s a dress.”

“That’s not a dress; a dress would be longer,” she explained, as she rolled her eyes.

I admitted that I did have it hemmed a bit because, as I’ve already mentioned, being short things tend to be too long on me.

“Well whoever shortened it, went way too far,” said my sister in response to this new information. “Besides, you’re not 25 anymore.”

“Fine. I’ll tell mom you said that. I’ll also tell her that you said I was old.”

Yes, I had my mother hem it the last time I was in New Hampshire, because I don’t know how to do it myself and I’d rather pay her in homemade cupcakes than my neighborhood laundry guy who I’m always handing over wads of cash to on a weekly basis as it is.

My follow-up to her was: “Well, I’m going to ask my friends at TheGloss what they think and then we can discuss this later!”

She kindly pointed out that commenters aren’t my friends, just like I’m not in a relationship with fictional characters like Jake Ryan and Lloyd Dobler, and if I bent over once while we were out in public, she was going to lock me in my room. Keep in mind, she’s the younger sister.

Thoughts? Are you supposed to put away your minis after 25? Granted, you won’t see me in them when I’m well over 40, but just because I’m over 30, I don’t think I should have to drag every mini I have to my laundry guy and have him lengthen them all. As I said, I give him enough money as it is — at the rate I have things hemmed and taken in, I might as well own stock in his business.

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