A Skechers Shape-ups store has just opened in Manhattan and is located on a tourist- infested block at 5th Avenue and 48th Street. Upon my entrance, I couldn’t help but let out a brief chuckle as I noticed that, in fact, the walls are completely lined with both Shape-up sneakers and flip- flops. Nothing else.

My intentions were to document this absurdity. However, as soon as I turned my camera on, the sales associate informed me that, “picture- taking is strictly prohibited.” Like I can’t just as easily find pictures of your useless product on google images? All I wanted was some original content.

Since I was, not surprisingly, the only customer in the store, I quickly became the main event for the entire Shape-ups staff. They were silently mocking me in their uniforms of navy polos and khaki pants as I explained that my mission was to, “write an article on the exciting grand opening of their store.”

Disappointed by their lack of enthusiasm for my investigation into their store and overwhelmed by their cold manner, I promptly left, but not before noticing the treadmill. That’s right. The store has its very own treadmill so customers can test out their Shape-ups before making their purchases. Or they can just do a loop around the store, which always works for me.

My final take on the Sketcher’s Shape- Ups store is that their employees are douchbags, selling a dumb product, while wasting valuable energy on a treadmill. I hope their electricity bill leaves them bankrupt.