In response to the Telegraph article about the best dress of the past 50 years (Ginger Spice’s Union Jack Dress?) we conducted an equally scientific poll to find the worst dress of the past 50 years. We had lots of promising candidates. Demi Moore scalded our eyeballs with her bike shorts. Gwyneth took us to the scary dark place that came after that Pink Ralph Lauren dress (which is also known as the place where GOOP was born). And Whoopi made us cock our heads to the side in puzzlement over why she cut up her shiniest curtains and turned them into a jumpsuit to wear under her diva bathrobe.

But there can only be one winner for the worst dress of the past 50 years.

And that winner is Tina Yothers, with 35% of the vote. Congratulations on becoming an adult who seems to make good fashion decisions in spite of this early childhood trauma, Tina! (Seriously, Tina looked very nice on Celebrity Fit Club). We’re looking forward to our findings being written up in the Telegraph.

Look back on the horror: