You might wonder, Jennifer, why are you posting a picture of yourself leaning awkwardly against a wall? Are you one of THOSE bloggers? Are you the worst? Yes! Kind of!

But maybe not quite the worst because I’m wearing a Runway Relief T-shirt and boots and they told me to take a picture of them. You can see they are special because of the blue target. The blue target is what cool looks like. And Runway Relief is a good cause which does a lot to aid in the fight against breast cancer. You can buy this super awesome tank top, boots and bag at Nine West locations, or, if you hate wearing clothing (you look great when you slouch against walls naked) there are some other ways to help. Like these!:

  • Twitter: Follow @NineWest and retweet #runwayrelief. Beginning 9/8, for every retweet, we will donate $1 to CFDA’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer
  • Fashion’s Night Out: At Nine West’s Rockefeller Center store, Nigel Barker will be photographing guests and celeb stylist Leslie Fremer will be bedazzling Runway Relief t-shirts.
  • Runway Relief CD: Purchase the compilation CD on iTunes to help donate to CFDA’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer
  • Shop the Gear: Purchasing the merchandise will support CFDA’S Fashion Targets Breast Cancer