Last week, online couture shop advertised a huge sale in honor of its one-year anniversary, where for a brief window of time everything on the site would be available for $1. However, they didn’t specify what time zone the sale would start in, meaning that European fashionistas were able to snap up most of the available goods on the site before American consumers even woke up. There’s been outrage all over the fashion blogosphere – including here on TheGloss – from people who feel like the sale ended before it even began. Now, has made an official statement:

Hello everyone, I am Stephanie, Director of theOutnet. I wanted to personally say that we have been listening to all your comments. First and most importantly, I want to say sorry for the frustrating experience that many of you had. You have shown incredible interest in our site today and we do not take that lightly. Clearly, while we were prepared for the volume of traffic the sale would deliver, in some markets, the UK mainly, we were overwhelmed by the speed at which you came to the site this morning. This remarkable volume—up to 9 orders a second—led the site to crash for many of you, and I want to say that we are very sorry to all those who didn’t get to buy anything at the sale, but delighted for the thousands of lucky ones amongst you that did walk away with a £1/$1 bargain from theOutnet. We want to thank all of you for being part of our first year celebrations. With each event we are working hard to fix issues that arise, and want to say that we fully intend to offer you further bargain shopping opportunities in the future. Thank you again, Stephanie

What do you think? As one commenter on Racked said, “It’s a sale. That’s like being invited to someone’s house and getting all pissy at the hostess when she runs out of orange juice. Or something. Who cares.” Are we being a little rude about someone trying to do something nice for their members? Or do we have a right to complain because some markets were given a clear advantage over others? Tell us what you think.