When I heard that an image of “anti-pervert stockings” was going viral on a Sina Weibo, I thought, “they must have some built in technology that will stop predators from attacking young women. Maybe they will emit an electric shock if you touch a young woman’s leg? That makes a good deal of sense.” Hah! No, I’m wrong. This is what those stockings look like:

hairy leg stockings

Look, I understand that it is somehow a cultural value at this point in time that women have no hair below the eyebrows. But, first of all, there are plenty of men out there who like body hair on women. Tons of them. Second of all – that is not how sexual assault works. Men do not see a physical characteristic they do not like on a lady and decide, “I have decided not to become a rapist now.” As I understand it, rape has to do with men wanting to feel control over someone, and not wearing short skirts or hairy leg tights or basically, anything you are wearing.

Seriously. Nothing you wear or do not wear causes or prevents rape. Unless, again, it has some sort of electric shock device in it, which I initially thought these tights might.

That said, if you want to wear the tights as some kind of fashion statement, that seems like it would be pretty interesting. You could probably put them under a maxi-dress, and then lift the hem gently, and then, bam, unexpected leg hair. Or you could just grow out your leg hair. You’ve got a lot of options.

Picture via Buzzfeed