Well, fuck. As if I didn’t have enough to budget for, what with my chipper new attitude towards splurging on necessities. Now, it appears as though I’ll also have to drain my meager 401K in order to blow it all at Anthropologie’s new “Decorator Concept Shops.”

Ah well. Who wants to live well at 75 anyway? You can’t even enjoy it then.

Apartment Therapy reports that Anthropologie’s new stores will open to the public on March 24th, in selected cities around the country:

The concept shops will highlight Anthropologie’s curtains, furniture, hardware, lighting, rugs, and wall coverings. In-store workshops will host design experts and special events, and product information and resources will be on hand for shoppers.

Don’t worry, gentle readers — there is one nearby my home. If you need me on March 24th, I will be curled up in the fetal position, wrapped in a rug and bawling at the store set to open in Beverly Hills, overwhelmed by all the pretty, pretty choices.