As a former hat store-employee, I’m really happy anytime anyone wears a hat. And I’m glad that there is apparently a Headwear Hall of Fame where I imagine hat-wearers can just get together and jam about fedoras. They’ve just chosen their 2011 inductees and according to Courtney Bush, president of The Headwear Association. “From Stewart’s ivy caps on the links to Aretha’s scene stealing giant bow hat at Obama’s presidential inauguration to Santana’s and Ne-Yo’s ubiquitous fedora or Cameron and Gwen’s ever changing fashion-forward choices we recognize current and past hat enthusiasts for their positive influence and hat-wearing style.”

Okay, I agree with Aretha, but doesn’t Lady Gaga seem more deserving than Cameron Diaz? Or couldn’t they have picked, say, Camilla Parker Bowles? That lady wears some good hats. Or Buckethead? What about Buckethead? What about him? How about every single person gathered at Ascot?

Maybe I’m being too hard on them. Here are their pictures. Do you think they’re hat-pioneers?[ITPGallery]