The people who run are all about thriftiness. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a nice wedding, or so they would have you believe. It was with this ethos in mind that they started their annual toilet paper wedding gown contest, and I must say, the winners this year are a lot more impressive than I was expecting them to be.

The first place winner (above) used four rolls of TP, hot glue, and some packing tape to construct her gown, as well as some feathers and flowers, which might be cheating, but whatever. I’m especially impressed with how she made the pleats on the bodice, as well as with how she made the whole thing look like it was not made from a cheap household item intended for wiping your ass with.

The two runners-up (below) are similarly nifty. I really like the ruffly Gothic Lolita flair the one on the left has. She just needs a parasol and a tiny, doll version of herself to carry around with her:

In terms of actual wear during a wedding, I imagine these dresses would get torn up pretty fast, but maybe their impermanence is part of their beauty? Like some kind of Zen sand art or something? Anyway, it’s a cool reminder that it’s totally possible to D.I.Y. your wedding for approximately $0, that is, if you have an unlimited amount of time on your hands.