John Galliano will soon have his day in court. The disgraced former creative director at the house of Dior was pretty much damned by the public (but not, uh, certain people industry people) when a now-infamous video of him claiming to love Hiter made its way around the internet. This week, new details of his drunken evening have emerged and it seems that camera phone caught him at a charitable moment.

Here is the scene French investigators have constructed according to a dossier (at which Newsweek got a good look): the key events occured outside a cafe called La Perle, where Galliano was seated near 35-year-old art curator at the Arab World Institute in Paris named Géraldine Bloch. Here is what went down:


  • He called her a “dirty whore”
  • …with “a dirty Jewish face
  • He told her “[she] should die
  • He pulled her hair
  • Mocked her “revolting” eyebrows, her “low-end boots and low-end thighs.”


Bloch was seated at the table with a 41-year-old receptionist named Philippe Virgitti who came to her defense. Galliano then turned on him:

  • Calling him a “fucking Asian bastard”
  • A “dirty Asian shit
  • According to Newsweek, “Another customer, a fashion student from Germany who was subsequently interviewed by police, said she heard Galliano ask the French-born Virgitti whether he had his papers, implying he might be an illegal immigrant.”
  • Bloch and Virgitti say that during the argument they tried to calm Galliano down, but he kept insisting that they had to leave, that “the neighborhood belonged to him.”
  • When Bloch became upset, Galliano’s driver “calmly called a lawyer and tried to put him on the phone with Bloch to calm her down or warn her off. She refused, and when she complained, a security guard told her it was Galliano and that she could just change seats.”
  • When police measured the alcohol on Galliano’s breath, it came up four times the legal driving limit.


Galliano denied all of these events to French police, saying first that he’d have no way of determining whether or not Bloch was Jewish (not that it matters but she isn’t): “It isn’t written on her forehead.” The dossier goes on to quote him, “It’s clear that I’m neither a racist, nor an anti-Semite, nor a misogynist. It’s possible this lady and her friend would like to profit from this chance [and] get some money and publicity in a sordid way.”

…Unfortunately for Galliano, Bloch is asking only for “a symbolic settlement:” one euro plus court costs.

Apparently the deisgner’s defense team is now expected to blame his behavior on alcoholism and an addiction to anti-anxiety medication.

(via Newsweek)