banana republic - mad menLooks like we’re in the final countdown to season six of Mad Men! And not just because you have it starred on every calendar in your life and have a daily reminder set up on your phone with the show’s tune playing obnoxiously for all to hear, but because Banana Republic has unveiled its third Mad Men-inspired capsule collection. And mod has arrived!

The series has come a long way from the early 60’s, and as we now head into the late 60’s the fashion does a 180. While conservative, neutral colors were a consistency in the first few seasons, staying true to the era, the gears have been shifted to reflect the mod style of bold colors and large prints that were everywhere as 1970 got closer.

mad men banana republic

Clearly inspired by Don Draper’s new wife (are we still calling her “new” at this point?), the young and fancy-free, Megan Draper (played by Jessica Paré), it’s not exactly the type of stuff you can imagine Betty Draper rocking to pick up the kids from school or even out on the town. Even trying to envision Don in that suit above is a stretch — he would never wear that tie. That’s a happy tie! Don doesn’t do happy very well.

The collaboration was headed by Emmy award winning costume designer of Mad Men, Janie Bryant, who found her inspiration in the exact pieces you’ll see on the AMC show that starts again on April 7th.

mad men banana republic

The collection will be available both online and in Banana Republic stores as of February 27th, so you can mark that on your calendar, too.

I’ll say it again, I just can’t see Don in that tie. The 1970’s were not kind to men’s fashion, and if anything, these bold colors are liable to make Don even crankier than before. Don just doesn’t do happy, dammit!


Photos: Banana Republic