Ready to waste your entire aftenoon? In favor of small African children keeping all their arms and legs? Find it somewhat suspicious that Naomi Campbell thought it was totally cool that an African Dictator was delivering her blood diamonds in the middle of the night? Ever had a heavy object hurled at you by Naomi Campbell? Don’t worry, if you’d worked for her, you would have.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then let me suggest 24 Carat Campbell. SuperFashionStars‘ new online video game is freaking awesome, because it involves hurling stuff at Naomi Campbell. The rules are as follows:

Try and deliver diamonds to Naomi! She gets gifts all the time, even at night! When Naomi needs a gift you’re holding click and deliver it before she cries, but don’t throw the wrong gift. Remember that she hates dirty looking pebbles and is used to big, sparkling diamonds in a box.

So, yeah, I think you can read between the lines and see that this game is all about making Naomi cry. Ready to play? Go here.