this is a love song coconuts top

Fruits and vegetables have been a weirdly dominant theme in fashion since Prada‘s hugely influential “minimal baroque” Spring 2011 collection (with Dolce and Gabbana following suit in Spring 2012, sending dresses covered in tomatoes down the runway)–but now things are getting more literal thanks to This is a Love Song‘s new “bikini kill” crop tops, which state your breast size in terms of fruits.

The brand’s website is challenging to navigate but they appear to make clothes perfect for you on Tumblr; the eye-catching fruit pieces seem like a logical extension of that. Depending on how you feel about the longevity of this crop top trend (we give it through August), they’re either a bargain or highway robbery at $64.

But they come in all sizes!

this is a love song fruit crop top

(via Styleite)