thong healthOK, unless your thong is currently wrapped around your throat it is probably not killing you. But the wrong kind can sometimes turn on you (literally) and present an array of awkward health concerns.

A lot of thongs are made of satin or lace or other non-breathable materials, which can lead moisture to get trapped in the area and make you more susceptible to infection.

“We should all always be wearing all cotton underwear,” said Dr. Shieva Ghofrany in an interview with The Huffington Post. And a little strip of cotton sewn inside the crotch does not count. “When patients say, ‘But the crotch is cotton,’ my response is that the layer outside the crotch is not, thus making the cotton less breathable.”

Dr. Jill M. Rabin said thongs aren’t necessarily unhealthy, assuming the wearer is healthy and not predisposed towards getting urinary or vaginal infections, but the shape does leave one a bit more vulnerable.

“The patient’s vulva is more ‘exposed’ to whatever they’re wearing,” Ghofrany said.

The biggest risk from wearing thongs is also the most icky. If the thong tends to move around back and forth while it’s being worn, it can transfer bacteria from your butt to your vagina.

Also, apparently they can cause skin conditions if the thong rubs the skin. Dr. Ghofrany says thongs cause skin tags in intimate areas.

“I sometimes will be mid-pap and ask a patient, ‘So you wear thongs a lot?’’ And their response is always, ‘Ya! How can you tell?” And it’s because of the skin tags, small ‘piles’ of soft tissue that occur form the skin being constantly rubbed at the same spot,” she said. “These happen traditionally at bra lines and necklines, and now increasingly at thong lines.”

While that sounds like it would make for an extremely embarrassing pap smear, it doesn’t sound like thongs are actually particularly dangerous for women who are generally healthy.

“If somebody’s healthy, there really aren’t any dangers,” Dr. Rabin said. Just make sure to wear cotton thongs and wash them and yourself frequently.

Via The Huffington Post/Photo: Shutterstock