I love butterflies. I have all sorts of butterfly accessories like hair clips, necklaces, bracelets, graphic tees/skirts/clothes with butterflies, household decors, scrapbook stuff, pretty much anything that has butterflies on ’em. It’s no surprise that I’m in love with this Butterfly necklace from Tiffany’s but it’s $2875 :(


Tiffany and Co. Butterfly Necklace. *Image Via Tiffany and Co.

The only way I’d get that beautiful necklace is if my husband gives it to me for our 11th year Anniversary which is next month(ahem). But then again, I’d hit him in the head for spending too much money on me, LOL. Yes I know I’m hopeless, hah. Thanks to Nomination though, they’ve come up with something similar that will not hurt our budget at all. Click for More….


Nomination Butterfly Necklace. *Image Via Nomination Press.

This Nomination butterfly pendant Necklace version is only $95. Cool huh? And if that’s not enough, Nomination has a boat load of butterfly collection that would rock your world. This also comes in bracelets, earrings, rings, and cell phone accessories all in very affordable prices. AWESOME. Check out the whole Nomination Butterfly Collection here.

BTW, keep coming back coz you might end up with a Nomination butterfly necklace of your own sometime this month :).