Thanks to Nina Garcia, Tim Gunn joined Twitter today. So far he’s only four Tweets in, but he’s already giving away free stuff.

Aside from being a major influence in the fashion world, creator of the catch phrase “Make it work,” on Project Runway and author, Gunn is kind of like that uncle who comes to your family gathers and you’re not quite sure what he’s going to say. Will he be an emotional softy, or will he play the Karl Lagerfeld card and tell your grammy that she has cankles? It really could go in many directions. In fact, it’s that uncle who’s actually the only reason you show up to family functions anymore. You know he’s going to tell you like it is, and you know he’s going to do it in a colorful manner that may make it extremely difficult to hate him. Basically, following Tim Gunn on Twitter is probably going to be blast — once he gets the hang of things.

Will you be following him?