The word on the street is that Tina Fey will rock her pajamas when she hosts the Golden Globes next year. Thoughts? If anyone could do it, do it well and get away with it, it’s definitely Tina. (Yes, we’re on a first name basis now.)

As she told New York Magazine“The fun thing about the event is that it’s pretty loose and partylike, and hopefully we’ll be able to keep that vibe going.” By drinking, perhaps? “By eating onstage and wearing pajamas.”

PAJAMAS! Can you imagine if pajamas were so socially acceptable outside the home that you could actually wear them to important events? What about work? Job interviews? Walks in the park with your dog? It would be a glorious world indeed.

Of course the chances of the lovely Tina waltzing on the stage at any point during the Golden Globes in her PJs is fairly unlikely, but if she did, would you love her more? Or would you think that she’d finally just given up, thrown in the towel and therefore lost your admiration in the process? We’re talking about pajamas, people — one of the most important fashion creations of all time.

So what do we think? Could pajamas at the Golden Globes sway your love for Tina in either direction? Or is it just those of us who work in our pajamas who will be dazzled by this move because of our need to feel camaraderie with Liz Lemon? Oh, pipe dreams are the best.


Photo: Stefan Jeremiah/WENN.com