feather tattoo

Anyone who’s spent more than 10 minutes on Tinder can tell you that the world of online dating can be a bitch. I had an OKCupid profile for a week once– just looking for friends, since I was already in a relationship– and it only took five or six “You horny?” messages for me to shudder all the way over to the “disable account” button. Plenty of people have had amazing luck with dating online, sure, but most people come away with at least one horror story. All you can hope is that your personal horror story is less “someone tried to find out where I live” and more “some dude dressed up like me on Instagram.”


He goes by the name Tindafella, and if you can get past the whole “fella” thing, you’ll find that his goofy photo project is kind of hilarious. His whole schtick is finding strange profile pictures of women on Tinder and recreating them through clothes and creativity. Even if that involves drawing on tattoos or stripping down to almost nothing. I mean, especially when it involves drawing on tattoos or stripping down to almost nothing.

kiddie pool

So does he have good intentions with it all? I… think so. The vast majority of the photos are all in good fun, with the main joke being I look awkward trying to imitate these sexy, fun women rather than HAHA look at how stupid women are. Occasionally one of the photos will make me feel a little weird (like the one where he wore fake nipples to make fun of a woman who had hers visible through her tank top), but those are quickly outweighed by the silly and harmless ones.

adam and eve

He frequently posts multiple new photos in one day, so if you need a laugh, his Instagram won’t let you down. Looking through the archives… might be my plan for the afternoon. I don’t even care.

Photos via @tindafella on Instagram