Rosena Sammi’s jewelry combines her passion for the craft of jewelry design and her heritage — the result is striking jewelry reminiscent of the Royal Courts of India.

The Sri Lanka native’s jewelry is the kind you’ll cherish for a lifetime, so if you can afford to splurge a little (her Sanskrit necklaces are also available in sterling silver) put one of her pieces on your Christmas list.  I cherish my “Om Shanti” necklace ($139 gold vermeil, $110 sterling silver), which means “a prayer for peace” in Sanskrit. 


Lindsay Lohan has been seen wearing Sammi’s “Bliss Letter” necklace ($99, 


 Victory Ford wore two of Sammi’s exotic gold-plated bangles (Dohlak bracelet, $500 each) inspired by the shape of a Dohlak drum in the premiere episode of NBC’s “Lipstick Jungle.”


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